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 In game Voice-Chat.

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In game Voice-Chat. Empty
PostSubject: In game Voice-Chat.   In game Voice-Chat. EmptySun Aug 26, 2012 12:59 pm

Hello all! this is a simple-ish addon that i made that will PLAY sounds from a player's mouth when the player says something in the chat box. For instance, when the player types "Hai" into the chatbox, a sound plays "Hi!"
here are some(end brackets removed since brackets destroy things):
["Hes here"
["Let us out"
["All down"
["They're coming from the roofs"
["We're surrounded!"
["Then let's go"
["You deal with them"
["Watch out for the humpers!"
["Let us through!"
["Open the gates!"
["Set the traps"
["We've been spotted!"
["Roll a grenade in there"
["Roof access is this way"
["Come on, Gordon!"
["Get out of here Gordon!"
["I'm waiting Gordon"
["Ready when you are"
["That's it"
["Watch my back"
["Did you just hear a cat just now?"
["Capital Malcompliance"
["Civil Status"
["Off-World Relocation"
["Miscount Detected"
["Civil Protection!"
["Get the hell out!"
["Good God"
["Now what?"
["And things were going so well"
["Oh God"
["Please no"
["plz no"
["If you say"
["Why go on?"
["Dibs on the suit"
["Somebody, take his crowbar"
["This can't be"
["He's dead!"
["I thought he was invincible"
["Got one"
["Got one!"
["Heads up"
["Here comes the HAX"
["I'll stay here"
["I'll hold down this spot"
["I'm hurt"
["Let's go!"
["Let's go"
["Like that"
["I got my corner"
["My arm"
["My gut"
["My leg"
["No no"
["Oh no"
["Sometimes, I dream about cheese"
["Some day, this will all be a bad memory"
["Run for your life!"
["Stop it"
["Watch out!"
["You got it"
["Rise and shine"

In game Voice-Chat. Coollo12
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In game Voice-Chat.
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