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 Everyone read this -sorrys for people-

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PostSubject: Everyone read this -sorrys for people-   Sun Aug 05, 2012 4:03 am

I don't know any other place to do this so.

I will put sections of who i want to say sorry too

Harryxmod's AKA Haz (coder of w.o.g)
I know we had a bad start and end but i'm sorry for being stupid and mean to you it's just you keep rdming me while i scream kitty atleast tell me to stop i know i was annoying so i will stop infront of you screaming kitty. Haz, i don't think your a bad guy in fact i think your a mature smart coder person and i wish we can start over and be friends. You really sound like a good person and i don't want to be enemies sorry, i hope you can forgive me

Artyiom (Now co-owner of w.o.g)
We had a huuge bad end and i would like to say sorry to you. Like 100% your one of the best rpers i ever saw. And i really like to play with cool people and rpers. You made squads and more. Got head admin and more. And you got co-owner now cause you deserved it. Artyiom i think your a mature rper person that i want to be friends with i'm sorry i've been mean to you and very stupid. As you might be mean to some people i still think your an awesome person! I hope u can forgive me.

Sythril AKA (Wi-Fi)= Owner of w.o.g
We had bad endings same as artyiom. As 3 admins included me left but i came back. But did bad stuff. Look wi-fi im sorry for all the actions i did that made your server bad. We are friends and i should be able to respect your opionions it's just a game. But since i did bad stuff to you, your server, and your people i would like to say sorry to all. Since you bought this server for us. because RFF sucked FUCK RFF. I would like to say i am joining back and i'm staying here right where i belong. I hope you can forgive me wi-fi Smile.

Other players and admins that got trolled or griefed by me
I'm all sorry for my actions and i seen what it can do to you guys. I have been trolled and grief myself. But as i like to say to everyone i would like to restart since
1. I've been abusive because of rage rdm troll prop spam grief prop block prop kill random arrest fail rp and more

2. I've been banning people i shouldn't have banned when me and another admin raged when that part happened *long ago*

And 3. For attemping to corrupt the server and more

As theses reasons would had made me be perma banned and be called an asshole in the server without even joining.

I would like to say thank you because you still let me stay on and i thought you guys need to earn more admins that can rp and respect over that i hope everyone forgave me thank you

Sincerly, GodlyFlame
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WOG Founder
WOG Founder

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PostSubject: Re: Everyone read this -sorrys for people-   Sun Aug 05, 2012 4:24 am

I find this rather nice Very Happy I do like you Godly you are a good friend even tho you have un friended me 3 times In one Year. I welcome you back "btw you know your Not so smart friend hates me now for no resone". Btw welcome back.

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WOG Co-Owner

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PostSubject: Re: Everyone read this -sorrys for people-   Tue Aug 07, 2012 1:45 am

It's a good action you did and mature.
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PostSubject: Re: Everyone read this -sorrys for people-   

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Everyone read this -sorrys for people-
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